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Software Price List
Hospital Software -15,000
Image Processing - 15,000
Video Editing - 6,000
AutoFianance - 15,000
Bio Attendence - 12,000
Video Broadcasting - 10,000
IVF Software - 25,000
Website - 8,000
Mudra Technology
Mudra Technology - . We are Ahmedabad ,Guajrat,India based Software solution provider company. We provide product and solutions that will Transform the Organization by means of Technology. Our focus areas are Healthcare and Industries

Mudra Technology offers following Customized Hospital Management Software development services For :

1) Orthopaedic
2) Surgeons
3) Gynecologists , IVF
4) Physicians
5) Radiologist
6) Multi Speciality Hospital

Image Processing Software:

Image capture and analysis are vital to the use of Laparoscope, Endoscopes, Arthroscopy, and I.I.T.V.Systems.
Our Digital Imaging Software dedicated for each Modality with Auto report generation utility is designed to achieve optimum print quality from digital medical modalities with both color outputs with normal DeskJet or Laser printers.
With our software's outstanding, High Quality Images, Superb Color Reproduction, Live Video Recording & Video Editing. Thus it can be used for any medical / scientific application or radiology solutions with digital interface and for archiving or educational purposes

BioMetrics Attendence Software :

BioDesk is Fingerprint Recognition based software for Registration & Verification of employees, visitors, members etc. It can be used by offices & organizations to verify people at entrance desk to establish their secure identity. In order to use BioDesk “USB fingkey hamster” is required.

AutoFianance Software :

There are many benefits of auto finance software as it is very convenient in working with auto finance software because customers, dealers and the business person all gets to know about the exact position of the market and it helps in making the estimates easily for further future. If you are using auto finance software then there are number of options which you can have and there are number of banks and finance companies who will offer various range of loans for your help. The person who is using auto finance software will have various programs as there are various dealers who will offer low rate programs and many other facilities.