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Software Price List
Hospital Software -15,000
Image Processing - 15,000
Video Editing - 6,000
AutoFianance - 15,000
Bio Attendence - 12,000
Video Broadcasting - 10,000
IVF Software - 25,000
Website - 8,000
Hospital Management Software                            Virtual Tour
The Hospital And Patient Management System(HPMS) offered by “Mudra Technology” has been designed and developed with basic questions being asked at all times through its development by practicing doctors under whose guidance and support this software was developed.

These Doctors are amongst the most senior practicing Physicians of various systematic specialties.

A simple & Modular Digital Solution to maintain in-depth detail patient Medical records, Investigations, Prescription & Diagnosis. Generate reports which assist data-mining, making clinical research reports, demographic analysis of incidence of disease, symptoms & patient profiles. Single-Screen view & control of all patient data. Customizable Prescription Templates & in built Intelligent Drug Database with Prescription Alerts. Maintains financial records & generate Medical Certificates. Masters to configure database of each module according to the Doctors’ needs.

1) Orthopaedic

Hospital Software for Orthopaedic is effective solution for Hospital Information and Management System. Salient Features...

Complete Cashless Management Facility of add on module Accounting compatibility with Tally Currently operational at Multi Specialty Hospital

2) Surgeons
3) Gynecologists

A powerful software for Gynecologists.
Easy retrieval of previous data. Add on Modules for Billing, Indoor and Accounts. Different versions for all the specialists. Local Language support in prescription. 3-C Register

4) Physicians
5) Radiologist

A reporting software solution for Pathology Laboratory. Ready made report library for all kinds of Laboratory tests. Image capture facility from Color Doppler. Accounting Facilities.

6) Multi Speciality Hospital

Standard Features
  • Allows to commence medical record-keeping at a VERY BASIC level & offers a Single-Screen view & control of all patients data
  • Truly Multi-User
  • Network Enabled
  • Separate software for reception
  • Built in personal accounting
  • Standalone windows based software
  • Requires minimal typing
  • Minimal training required
  • Almost fully automated Data Entry
  • Built in image management and Video management
  • Separation of Data Entry and Billing
  • Clinical Document templates for certificate generation
  • Update of data for the software to insure ‘current features as per technology & information’
Advantages of HPMS
  • Will protect the doctor from the medico legal issue with easy to track medical records maintained for all patients.
  • The Traceability and easy to reference medical records of patient will permit the insurance companies to approve and rate the doctors practice easily; enabling faster reimbursement of costs for patients. This will enhance the commerce and practice of the doctor.
  • Patient records maintained within this software will enhance the credibility and commerce of the doctor as it permits advanced statistical analysis for presentation Of research. This could in future have an independent revenue potential.
  • Medical Records within an easy to reference database can reduce cost for patients, as it serves as a decision support system that can provide grater reliability in the diagnosis for future patients while making it faster.
  • To convey a modern, efficient image to patients. Closer contact with patient through digital communication.
  • Minimize the wait time for the second and subsequent visit of patients enabling a quicker turnaround for doctors, further increasing commerce of practice within the same time.