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Software Price List
Hospital Software -15,000
Image Processing - 15,000
Video Editing - 6,000
AutoFianance - 15,000
Bio Attendence - 12,000
Video Broadcasting - 10,000
IVF Software - 25,000
Website - 8,000
Video Recording & Editing Software                    Virtual Tour
Image capture and analysis are vital to the use of Laparoscope, Endoscopes, Arthroscopy, and I.I.T.V.Systems.

Our Digital Imaging Software dedicated for each Modality with Auto report generation utility is designed to achieve optimum print quality from digital medical modalities with both color outputs with normal DeskJet or Laser printers.
With our software's outstanding, High Quality Images, Superb Color Reproduction, Live Recording Thus it can be used for any medical / scientific application or radiology solutions with digital interface and for archiving or educational purposes.

Special Features
  • Software can be operated by Foot Switch And also manual.
  • Can E-mail, Report with images.
Main Features
  • Can capture images indifferent formats.
  • Recording facility, to record procedures or undergoing operations.
  • Procedure/Operations done Live can be given on CD.
  • Workstation can be created, at one point, for different modalities.(Optional)
  • Data base to re-analyze and to keep patient records updated.
  • Deferent report formats Up to 6 Images.
  • Comparison mode is available.
  • With voice recording.
  • Clipping, Splitting and Merging of different clips (Video).
  • Test overlay on a recorded video to mark abnormalities to built presentations when you need it most.
  • Image Editing Like Brightness, Contras, Invert, Rotation, Zoom-In, Zoom-Out,Slide Show, Emboss Text
Expanded Features

Our Imaging software not only expands diagnostic capabilities, allowing you to identify a wider range of existing and potential problems. It also improves patient communication, comprehension, and case acceptance. When Patient sees a full life-size view of their problems, they are better able to understand your diagnosis and resulting treatment plan recommendation. Because it can serve as an integral component of the ongoing examinations and maintenance program for many patients, with reimbursement plans, with justification to reanalyze / or re-examining the patient under particular time interval.