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  • 4 Channel (4 Video + 4 Audio) 100 FPS MPEG4/H.264 Compression DVR Card Realtime Display/Recording (1 System supports 3 cards max.)Dynamic IP Supported
  • Don't let Home or Office or Factory/Workshop alone. The System will 24/7 constantly monitor area and movement on your premise.
  • All the moves are recorded in your PC. You can check later as what had happened ?
  • Very easy to install and configure with "EASY & SMART" Interface.
  • NO NEED to buy any other security system.
  • Remotely view your camera on Internet from any part of world.
  • You can not be everywhere every time But this DVR can be !
  • You shall seemed to have employed 4 people (24 X 7) in this amount to watch particular areas for lifetime without any recurring costs.
  • Isn't that amazing? exciting? productive? cheapest bargain?, which you always wanted to do ?

Product Name 4 CH Real time 100 FPS AUDIO + VIDEO DVR Card

  • Combination of local and remote-end control function.
  • Intelligent search and replay of video materials, reliable way of storing video materials, multi-picture division and alternate display, unlimited expansion through network.
  • 4 CH Real Time Monitoring, Recording in 100 FPS for both Audio & Video.
  • High performance remote surveillance resolution.
  • Screen display division for: Full/4 channel display on one screen.
  • Simple and visual operation interface, realizing 24-hour continuous operation, low cost of administration and maintenance. Intelligent and dynamic frame monitoring compression.
  • Adjustable picture size, picture quality and recording speed, capable of catching pictures to print out through printer, Random catch and storage while replaying video materials.
  • Playback with intelligent search by date / time / camera / event
    Manual or automatic backup by date / time / cameras / location
    Allowing maximum 3 users with password and set the restarting & shutdown timing.
  • Dynamic IP Support for remote viewing
  • One PC supports 3 of these cards. (extendable upto 12)
OS Requirement
  • OS - 2000/XP
  • CPU - Intel Pentium-IV OR HIGHER
  • RAM - 512MB or higher
  • HDD - 80 GB or more
  • Resolution - 1024 x 768, 32bit Color
  • Network - 10/1000 Based / Modem / Broad Band
  • Backup - CD R/W, DVD-ROM, etc
Where can be useful

This DVR Card can be installed at any Home/Office/Workshop/Schools/Colleges where 24X7 Surveillance is necessary.
It is just plug and play type solutions. Works without interruption for years.

Why Choose DVR Card against Standalone

There has always been debate that which one is better StandAlone or PC Based.
DVR cards are very cheap comparing to StandAlone DVR. If you have PC then you can install this DVR card. The DVR software runs in background and you can work on your PC simultaneously.
DVR cards are available in 4/8/16 channel range. If you wish to upgrade or increase the no. of camera can easily be done by adding one more card in PC. With the advancement of new technology and compression method you only need to change the DVR card, while in case of StandAlone DVR the whole unit need to be changed.
For the whole DVR work only the Video capturing and storing handled by DVR card, rest is performed by your PC system. Easy to maintain.